Yung Bod C-section Silicone Strips

Silicone can be used for improving the appearance and textures of scars, and is often recommended by healthcare professionals and labelled as the ‘gold standard’ of scar treatment.

You can use these silicone strips once your practitioner gives you the okay to apply topical products to your c-section skin – this is usually at your six-week check up.


Why we love these silicone strips…

-There are very few risks associated with applying silicone strips topically, as its non-invasive, safe to use while breastfeeding, and suitable for all skin types.

-The strip provides the slightest amount of pressure to your scar for enhanced protection and moisture retention.

-They can be worn all day every day, to continually minimise the appearance of your scar.

-They’re ultra-thin, flexible, durable, and soft, so you won’t notice you’re wearing it. Some silicone can be thicker and fall off. Making it impossible for them to stay on.

Each pack contains 4 X 100% medical-grade silicone strips for c-section skin.