FEMMEZE ® Vaginal Trainer

Designed by an NHS nurse for hygenic support of rectocele during defecation instead using thumb or fingers.


Have you ever had to support your perineum or vaginal walls to help evacuate your bowels? Or do you feel like you haven’t completely emptied your bowels?
If you have increased movement in the vaginal walls (particularly with a rectocele), you may find it difficult to empty your bowls, despite knowing you need to go. You might even need to put pressure up against your perineum or put a finger inside the vagina to assist the bowel motion out. If this sounds like you then a Femmeze may be a good option.
The Femmeze is a self-management tool that helps to support the back wall of the vagina by gently pushing the rectal bulge ‘back into place’. This allows for a more efficient and complete evacuation of the bowels.
We recommend the use of the Femmeze rather than using your fingers to support your prolapse due to hygiene and infection control.