Our Mission

“To educate and empower women of all ages to understand what is normal and what isn’t when it comes to their pelvic floor. Our goal is to help women feel safe and in control of their own body when it comes to exercising and reducing the risk of pelvic floor dysfunction.”

We are a team of passionate Pelvic Floor and Continence Physiotherapists based in Robina on the beautiful Gold Coast. Our speciality areas include Pregnancy, Postnatal, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Urinary Incontinence, Faecal Incontinence, Sexual Pain, Endometriosis, Musculoskeletal Pain and Sports Injuries.

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Sarah Anderson
Women’s Health Physiotherapist & Director

Born and bred on the Gold Coast, Sarah completed her Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) and Bachelor of Exercise Science (BExSc) degrees on the Gold Coast at Bond University. Over the years, Sarah’s soul purpose has been to educate all women about their body.

Sarah believes knowledge is power and understands the importance of staying well informed when it comes to choosing the right, individualised healthcare. Sarah’s passion for Pelvic Health began when she was working on the Maternity and Gynaecological wards at Pindara Private Hospital.

Sarah was blown away at the information she was learning around the pelvic floor that we simply don’t get taught growing up.

Since then, Sarah has undertaken numerous post-graduate courses on Urinary Incontinence, Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Pessary fitting, Advanced Anorectal Dysfunction, Overactive Bladder, Genito-Pelvic Pain/Penetration Disorder (GPPPD) including Provoked Vulvodynia, Vaginismus, Endometriosis, Pregnancy-related Pelvic Girdle Pain and Diastasis Rectus Abdominis Muscle Rehabilitation post baby.

Sarah’s passion is Pelvic Girdle Pain during Pregnancy and Sexual Pain. Her aim is to provide holistic, evidence-based care to all patients to help them make the right choice when it comes to their health.

Postgraduate Qualifications:

  • Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor (WHTA) 2017
  • Pregnancy Related Lower Back Pain 2017
  • Australasian Gynaecology and Endoscopic Surgery Symposium 2018
  • Advanced Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Stress Urinary Incontinence and Pessary Fitting (WHTA) 2018
  • Australasian Gynaecology and Endoscopic Surgery Conference 2018
  • Pelvic Floor Relationship to Exercise, Sport and Musculoskeletal Dysfunction (WHTA) 2019
  • Women’s Health Research Update (WHTA) – Pelvic Floor 2019
  • Advanced Anorectal/Bowel Disorders (WHTA) 2020
  • The Pregnant Pelvis 2020
  • Women’s Health Research Update (WHTA) – The Childbearing Year 2020
  • APPI Pilates Matwork Level 1 2020
  • Women’s Health Research Update (WHTA) – Female Pelvic Floor 2021

Physiotherapist (Women’s Health and Pilates)

Liz is a passionate Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, with experience in treating Pre- and Postnatal conditions, Pelvic Pain and return to exercise after having a baby.

Along with incredible knowledge around Pelvic Health, Liz enjoys working with her clients to provide a holistic and client-centred approach to their individual management. Liz believes ongoing education is of paramount importance, and proactively collaborates with colleagues and other health professionals in order to provide optimal outcomes for all of her clients.

After completing her Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) at the University of Queensland in 2017, she has undertaken ongoing professional development to further her knowledge within the Pelvic Health field.

She also has a background in Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy, working within various private clinics in both Victoria and Queensland, as well volunteering her time with local football (AFL) and basketball teams.

Postgraduate Qualifications:

  • APA Continence and Women’s Health Physiotherapy Advanced Course
  • APA ‘Nutting Out Men’s Health’
  • APPI Level 1 Matwork Pilates
  • Neuromuscular Dry Needling Course (Beginner & Intermediate Levels)

Reception & Administration

Claire grew up on the South Island of New Zealand in the small coastal city of Dunedin.

Claire loves the ocean and spends all of her time off at the beach, swimming, surfing, and sun tanning to name a few.

Claire has a huge passion for health and nutrition and is always creating healthy meals and snacks for family and friends.

Reception & Administration

Olivia is originally from New Zealand and has been living in Australia for five years.

Olivia has a passion for health and fitness and is also a qualified personal trainer and health coach.

Olivia enjoys going to the gym, spending the day at the beach, testing out new recipes and trying out a new wellness therapy.

Kirby Quin
Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Kirby is a Chinese Medicine practitioner from Albury/Wodonga. From a young age Kirby was interested in how the body works and aiding in its natural ability to heal.

Living in London she discovered alternative methods of healing the body and this struck her interest in Chinese Medicine. This led her to Melbourne to complete her degree in a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture).

Kirby has spent the last 6 years in Albury building 2 practices and being at home close to her family and those she loves.

Our health system today is focused on treating a problem when it arrives, Kirby aims to teach you to listen to your body and understand what it means when your body is out of balance and how to correct it. The role of an acupuncturist is to teach you to be well and Kirby thrives for this in her practice. An Acupuncturist will use Acupuncture, Herbal medicine, Tui NA, Moxibustion and a whole range of tools to balance the body back to health.

Kirby has completed extra training in many areas including pregnancy care, fertility, cosmetic acupuncture and integrative blood analysis.

Kirby’s main focus in the clinic has been prenatal, pregnancy and postpartum care, including working with patients with menstrual irregularities and conditions. Kirby is not limited to this and will be seeing patients for all other conditions.

Kirby has worked in multi modality clinics over the years and understands it can take a team to reach our health goals. This was why she jumped at the chance to work with the Female physio co focusing on a whole centered approach to healing.

Kirby is very excited to be joining the team and helping you reach your health goals.

Please call Kirby on 0415537784 to book an appointment.

Heleena Arnold
Exercise Physiology, Massage & Pilates

Healthy Alignments was developed in July 2020 on the Gold Coast by Heleena Arnold.

Heleena is a born and bred Gold Coast girl who attended both High School and University on the Coast. Heleena first completed her double degree of Exercise Science and Business before going on to complete her Post Graduate Degree of Exercise Physiology.

After Graduating in 2016 from Griffith University as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Heleena has continued her professional development and is now a qualified Pilates Instructor and Massage Therapist with extra skills in Dry Needling and Myofascial Cupping.

Heleena has also completed further training to become skilled in both Pregnancy Massage and Pre/Postnatal Reformer Pilates. Heleena loves looking at the body’s functional movement patterning along with muscular pain and imbalances to get the whole body’s system working better together again.

With her knowledge of the body and combination of skills, she loves treating the body as a whole by releasing any areas of concern while strengthening areas of weakness, therefore getting you back into you Healthiest Alignment.

Please call Heleena on 0411441437 to book an appointment.